Earwigs as pests

What can we say? When we get it wrong and don’t get the earwig tape on our trees early enough (or at all…) this is what can happen.

Earwigs just love soft fruit like cherries and apricots, and as you can see from this photo, will take up residence in numbers.

This is a problem that tends to be worse on young trees; on mature trees, we find that the ratio of earwigs to fruit is much lower, and we have a smaller ratio of damaged fruit – though of course, we’d prefer none!

Earwigs are a very common pest, and trying to get rid of them is basically impossible (though chooks do love them, which is a great reason to let your chickens browse under your fruit trees.

The lesson is, as with all pest and disease control, focus on the potential damage that can be done to your fruit rather than on the pest, and think about strategies that will stop them getting to the fruit, rather than wishing you could control the number of earwigs, which is basically impossible unless you adopt a “scorched earth” spray-and-kill strategy, which inevitably does more harm to the environment than good.

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